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The Importance of a Review Funnel for Your Clinic.

The Importance of a Review Funnel for Your Clinic.

4, Jan 2023  /  
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The importance of a review funnel for your clinic can't get overstated. Like many service providers, word-of-mouth marketing is vital for those in medicine.

Yet many healthcare professionals allow their patients to leave without requesting a review. Below are some primary reasons you need to focus on your clinic's review funnel.

Improve Your Brand's Trustworthiness

Many patients struggle with clinics that lack any reviews or recommendations. Even established professionals may not have much of an online presence or branding for offices.

That means many patients will go to the clinics with the most reviews, and the most positive reviews. Don’t miss out on letting your patients brag for you, keep reading to learn more.

Reaching out to new and existing patients is a great way to gain ratings. You may even want to offer a small incentive for writing reviews.

Collect Practical Marketing Data

One area where healthcare providers lag behind retailers is relevant customer data. Despite having demographic data available, most clinics leave them unused in filing cabinets.

Having different patients leave reviews lets you see who you cater to most. In turn, you can utilize your marketing budget more effectively, potentially decreasing costs. Plus, those who take the time to review your clinic are giving you insight. Make better use of those singing your praises via online ratings.

How to build an effective review funnel.

Don't Fear Customer Outreach Efforts

Is there a new vaccine available that wasn't six months ago? Has it been several months since you've seen a particular patient? Use your email capturing and funnels to reach out to your c clients for reminders, announcements, or review links after a visit.

No matter the reason, capturing emails and happy patients will help grow your business and get an edge on the competition. 

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