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Why Are Citations Important to Your Business?

Not all owners understand why citations are important to your business. As a result, they miss out on straightforward ways of improving their search rankings.

Instead, citations are simple to create and quickly spread across several platforms. If you aren't capitalizing on them, you only work against your brand.

Why are Internet Listings Important to Your Business?

Internet listings, or citations, improve a company's authority, or how trustworthy a brand seems. Companies with zero listings seem like shell corporations compared to those with complete details displayed.

The higher your authority, the more often you appear in searches. For a local company, that's a huge opportunity you don’t want to pass over unknowingly.

Some professions, such as doctors, rely heavily on authority-based SEO campaigns. However, any brand can improve its trustworthiness, improving its rankings as a result.

Where Do I Make Citations Online?

The best place to find where to post citations is often where they already exist. While a little selfish, searching your business shows you who has relevant details.

Most of these directories allow business owners to claim their listings for free. However, it's in their best interests for them to have your correct information displayed.

These directories compete for authority to also rank higher on Google. When your information is correct, you both benefit from higher search rankings.

Seek Outdated Information

While web crawlers primarily search for these details, they don't always get them right. Unfortunately, that can negatively impact your ranking when they have more authority.

Google thinks they're sharing the correct details based on who is sharing them. Yet algorithms alone can't tell who has the actual your Name, Address and Phone number also known as NAP information.

Seeking outdated details often helps you to control where your brand appears. It also assists customers in finding your store and supporting it.

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